Freelancer Ebbs and Flows

It remains interesting to see how the life of the freelance writer also works in ebbs and flows.

Even though I am thoroughly ensconced working on the Project that Still can’t be Named, other stuff keeps popping up. I had to drop everything to proofread the Predator galleys and while I was away, finally got my Avenger story outline approved by the folk over at Moonstone. Atop that, another short term, low-paying writing gig popped up with fun subject matter so I need to figure out if there’s a way to fit it in.

Meantime, I need to keep poking away at the Project, taking a breather to write the Captain Midnight story, get back to the Project, take another breather and write the story. Then, I need to finish Project, hoping Keith can wait for that to happen so I can then approach my Star Trek: The Next Generation eBook with no other distractions.

And after that, it’ll be around Labor Day and the schedule, as of today, is remarkably clear and I intend to try and keep it that way so I concentrate on new things. But, of course, all of that could change with the next check of email.

I will say it’s never dull and the variety remains invigorating.

One comment

  • Well, it’s nice to hear that you’re keeping busy. Better than not having enough to do, right? Good luck with all the projects.

    And, I must admit, I’m quite curious about the mystery project. But can anything by now live up to all the hype? ;^D

    -Andy Holman