Go Out and Vote in CT Today

Over at the Fairfield Patch, I wrote a column about the importance of getting out the vote. To me, it is a duty incumbent upon all eligible adults and why we get such low turnout never makes sense. We have a chance to select who we want our respective parties to run as candidates for state and federal offices. Whoever wins in November, will be charged with directing our state’s future and since the recent past has been fairly poor, we can make a fresh start.

I’m supporting Ned Lamont for Governor along with Mary Glassman for Lt. Governor. I hope Democrats will join me in voting for them today.

Lamont is a businessman, who has also been a Selectman in Greenwich, a university professor, and a long-time resident who brings a variety of experiences to the job. I am desperately hoping he wins in November so he can do for the state what Michael Bloomberg has done for the city of New York. Lamont has concrete ideas and plans for making the state more business friendly, for retaining our children when they are ready to enter the workforce and for revamping how we spend our money. He and his opponent, Dan Malloy, have many similar ideas, but their sharp differences can be found in their plans. Among them are Ned’s plans to revamp the state’s broken nursing home system and his strong belief in wind turbine technology helping solve some of our energy needs (Malloy says he believes ion the technology, but not on Long Island Sound, virtually eliminating the entire state’s coast line).

I’ve made my support tangible, hosting phone banking at the house along with a barbecue for fellow supporters, attended by Ned’s wife Annie, and his delightful daughters Emily and Lindsay.

Glassman is a longtime First Selectman from Simsbury which gives her the day to day knowledge of dealing with the state and helps balance the top of the ticket.  During the campaign season, I’ve enjoyed talking issues with her and feel she could make an excellent Lt. Governor.

There’s something smug about Dan that personally rubs me the wrong way. Yes, he ran Stamford for 14 years which gives him some idea of what it will take to run the state, but he’s also too much the insider for my taste plus he ran an ineffective campaign costing him the governor’s mansion in 2006. I also disliked watching his campaign staff strong arm Fairfield delegates during the state primary. Dan also went negative first, lowering the discourse. Sadly, every other candidate has also gone negative in vicious or embarrassing ways. The sole exception may be Secretary of the State candidate Gerry Garcia, who also had the single most creative piece of campaign lit mailed out this season. I’ve enjoyed his campaign and his thoughts on the role and he earned my support some months back.

Lamont and Garcia, if elected, will bring some fresh perspective and some fresh energy to Hartford, which, frankly, could use a swift kick in the pants.

Regardless of your personal feelings, if you live in Connecticut, get out and vote today.


  • Steve Mollmann

    I am a bad new CT resident! Totally not registered to vote. 🙁

  • Susan O

    The shoreline isn’t the only place for windpower, just the most consistent. With the new-design turbines that are round instead of windmill, they can now be placed anywhere. And trust me, there is never a day that goes by in my town where there isn’t an obnoxious amount of wind. In light of the desperate need for power in this state – esp. Fairfield county – anyone who can’t push for windpower is not a smart choice.

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