Gotham City 14 Miles is a Free eBook Today Only

Here’s the deal, the folks at Sequart are pushing Mutant Cinema by making it available free on Kindle for five days, Tues to Sat (26-30 June). Publisher Julian Darius says, “If any book has failed to achieve what we know it’s capable of, it’s Tom McLean’s Mutant Cinema. It’s a great study of the X-Men film trilogy, filled with insider accounts and information from interviews, as well as a thorough knowledge of X-Men comics. But most X-fans think they know all this already, even though they don’t. So it’s a perfect candidate for a free promotion, which will get it into more readers’ hands and hopefully spur long-term sales.”

I haven’t read the book myself but those are pretty compelling words.

Every day this week, they have been bundling it with a different Sequart title and today it is Gotham City 14 Miles, the book of essays celebrating the 1960s ABC Batman series. I am in excellent company in this book and my essay kicks things off, framing what television and pop culture was like when the series debuted in January 1966. If you don’t have it yet and you have a Kindle or Kndle app, then today’s the day to make up for that deficit.



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