I-Con Schedule

I’ve been going to I-Con since the first one and it’s matured nicely into a huge, 5000+ multimedia party. The guests tend to be very well treated and the variety of programming has something for just about every taste.

I saw a draft schedule the other day and punted one major conflict on Sunday but neglected to point out that they scheduled me for a Friday panel when I never arrive until Saturday. As a reuslt, ignore seeing my name on the pocket program.

The panels I will be participating in are:


10am-11am. SAC 306. What’s New in DC: Countdown to Whatever

1pm. SAC 306. True Tales of the Comic Book Industry

2pm. Javits 100. Movie Previews

4pm. SAC 302. Lost in Translation: From Fiction to Film


10am. SAC 306. Greenberger, Rozakis, Hauman and Everything

11am. SAC 306. Comics are Serious Business

1pm. Javits 110. Back in My Days: A Life in Comics Back In My Days..: A Life in Comics

This last one is something I suggested, giving a wide variety of panelists ot discuss their affection for comics. I’ll be sharing the panel with legendary artist Murphy Anderson, who remembers buying Action Comics #1 on the newsstand; Harlan Ellison, who has loved comics since childhood; Peter David, who grew up on comics in a different era, and me, part of what might be considered a third or fourth generation of fans turned pros.

Murphy, by the way, will be receiving an award at the Saturday night banquet which is long overdue.

Meantime, for those attending, I strongly recommend you check out the Brobdinagian Bards and Boogie Knights when they perform throughout the weekend, including the Saturday night cabaret.

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