I’ll be at Capclave on Saturday

capclave_wordA year ago, I foolishly thought I could begin teaching and still have time for a personal life which included attending local conventions. The reality of the situation quickly reared its head and I had to regretfully withdraw from attending nearby Capclave, the show I had hoped would replace Lunacon to satisfy my science fiction itch.

Well, a year later, things have improved and I feel a lot better about what I can manage. Still, I have to limit myself but I want you to know I will be at Capclave on Saturday. While I have had to bow out of a few fun panels I was scheduled to be part of on Friday, I still have Saturday activities.

Anthology Builder 11-11:55 am

Panelists: Neil Clarke, Ron Garner (M), Robert Greenberger, David G. Hartwell, Mike McPhail, Alex Shvartsman

So you want to edit and publish an anthology. How do the stories get picked? How do you come up with a theme? What sells and what doesn’t? How do authors produce readable fiction in the straitjacket of an original themed anthology? How do you properly curate your anthology?

I will be at the Author’s Table collection of writers from 2-3 pm so if you want something signed or are looking to buy a book or two, that’s where you can find me.

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