Making Adjustments

Two weeks ago today, we moved into the house. On the one hand, we’ve made impressive progress, getting most of the boxes unpacked. On the other, now we see the remaining boxes and how much more needs to be done.

We were very dedicated in getting the master bedroom suite and kitchen done first and we’re almost there.  Other areas are makeshift until ordered furniture arrives. I’m chomping at the bit, waiting for the schedule to be announced for my office furniture to arrive. Then I can unpack those boxes and organize the work space. For the first time in thirty or so years, I am no longer based in the basement, but on the second floor and there are two windows for natural light. It’s an adjustment.

There are dominoes being played such as the three-piece entertainment center not being able to move up to the third floor. It’s now taking up space in the garage which prevents us from getting that space finalized for both cars to fit. It also means we now need bookcases for the third floor loft.

We’ve been astonished with the speed some of the furniture and supplies we’ve needed have arrived. On one day we received some fairly sizeable pieces a day after we ordered them. We have become so jaded that the idea that anything we order in the future will need more than seventy-two hours to arrive is now striking us as being handled by slackers. But it also means the house is rapidly taking shape. Last weekend we focused on putting up pictures and similar objects that has personalized the space so the townhouse is feeling more like a home. We’re definitely warming up to the new confines. The dogs love that the small backyard means we’re all taking nice long walks repeatedly throughout the day.

Then there’s the driving. Within two miles of our Fairfield home, I had multiple coffee shops, supermarkets, a Home Depot, two office supply stores, and so on. Within two miles of our Fulton home there’s a coffee shop, two supermarkets, some really amazing food and some really poor excuses for pizza. Just about everything else requires a car trip, which uses time and gas. My local comic shop is now six and a half miles away which is also the distance for the nearest Starbucks. Home Depot is further away and the Staples here is small and understocked. I have yet to find a grocery store that has the selection I’m used to while the prices seem higher (maybe due to low competition).

We’ve found some good restaurants and plenty more that look worth trying. The mechanic recommended to us has been a dream to deal with a nice clean waiting area that comes with Wi-Fi. Our neighbors have been uniformly friendly and nice with everyone making us feel welcome.

Overall, not a bad start to our new adventure.

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  • Jack

    There is nothing to be done about the lack of good pizza, I’m sorry to say. Speaking as a native Chicagoan, I’ve been trying to find something passable for over thirty years and nothing has met even that low standard.

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