Off Balance

One of the things I have prided myself on is my professional work ethic. While I may not be an award-winning writer, I can be counted on for a clean, professional copy that meets the editor’s expectations and deadline. If the deadline cannot be met, it means there’s a true reason for the delay and my word has become my bond.

While this has stood me in good stead through the years, of late, it has also become an anchor. Having accepted The Essential Superman Encyclopedia assignment with an April 30 deadline, I have been working daily to complete the assignment. Now, the deadline was unrealistic and we’ve all acknowledged this and Chris Cerasi is being great about giving me the time to finish the assignment.

On the other hand, having agreed to April 30, I have also taken on other assignments figuring I would be free in May which has proven not to be the case. All the editors involved have been great and not a single one has put any pressure on me.

I, though, have been merciless to myself.

Rather than take advantage of the three day weekend, I have pretty much put the nose to the grindstone, as they say, and worked through the holiday. Now, the good news is that I have drafted T and am that much closer to being finished. On the other hand, I have turned down invitations to join friends for today’s Memorial Day parade or time with others post-parade.

My ability to balance work and play, time on and time off, seems to have been shattered and unwinding has become an alien concept. I tell people that once Superman is delivered, I will take a day and do nothing. I doubt I’ll know what to do with myself or feel like I can unwind. There’s always the next thing to write or read or edit and if I don’t find that elusive equilibrium, I am going to fry myself which will help no one.

Fortunately, T is completed hours ahead of schedule and I am finishing this and then walking away from the computer, determined to finish a book and watch TV during daylight, true decadence.


  • Everyone appreciates a workhorse and I know I myself have been known to write for 12 hours straight with only a half hour break before returning to the keyboard for another few hours. But definitely make sure not to overheat yer think bone. The brain need to relax like anything else in the body. Stay healthy, man.

  • Bob,
    It’s the curse of the successful freelancer: since we never know when the next assignment will come in, we work far too hard when we have the work. Wage slave do not act as we do.

  • Christopher Cerasi

    I just want to go on record as saying how incredibly professional, kind, and level-headed Bob is. Working with him is a pleasure because he is always honest, flexible, and gets the job done. I do think he’s being a bit hard on himself in this blog entry, especially as in the 6 years I’ve know him, he has never disappointed me once. His work for the Superman encyclopedia is fantastic, and I could not be prouder to be his editor. I get the added bonus of calling him my fried, which in itself is the best part of working with Bob. He may be unnecessarily hard on himself at times, but Bob Greenberger is definitely number one in my book.

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