Packing and Purging

The mad rush is finally slowing down.

Despite all our expectations, the Fairfield closing is happening on schedule and we leave town on Friday. Amazingly, the six week window is drawing to a close and we’ll be in Maryland this weekend.

The upside to the move is that we have purged. Boy, have we purged. The two sheds we have and had promised ourselves to clean out, are now finally clean. The library has been winnowed down to a more essential selection of fiction and nonfiction and its future growth will be managed largely through reading more eBooks. The Pequot Library has been given an infusion of material for the summer book sale. My nephew Zach helped me twice stuff the minivan with refuse for the dump and I still had to make one final trip.

Dealing with the buyers, their lawyer and realtor has been coupled with our own dealings with the seller and her realtor in Maryland. I can’t recall the last time I’ve signed so many documents and really, there has to be a better way. We get a PDF to save paper, only to have to print it, sign it, scan it, and PDF it once again. Our new mortgage company has asked for some pretty boneheaded things that make us wearily laugh.

Given my nature, I scoured the web and found all the moving checklists wanting so aggregated four of them into one I could live with. Of course, it started at the eight week mark and it turns out the suggested timing can easily be compressed. Still, it’s been nice to have a guide to make certain all the right parties at the federal, state, and local level are notified. Once I’m at Kate’s, a new round of calls begin to make sure we have water, electricity, and gas. The easiest firm to deal with so far was Verizon’s FIOS which made the sign up process painless.

Although we’ve been purging and packing for weeks, the movers arrived yesterday and in a few hours outdid us several times over. Today they continued to pack and began loading the huge truck and tomorrow complete it all. Then we render the home “broom clean” for the buyers’ walk through on Friday. We’re never going to meet them and don’t even have to be at our own closing. Increasingly, people pre-sign the documents and leave town, letting the lawyer finish the paperwork and wiring the money.

The downside to all this is saying goodbye. This has been the farewell tour month as we have been dining with all of our Fairfield friends, hitting our favorite restaurants along the way. There have been more than a few trips down memory lane but plenty of laughs, too.

As excited as we are growing about this fresh start, we’re still sad about saying goodbye to so many friends from church to government. This has been a truly amazing place to raise our children and call our home.


  • K

    Hello Bob and Deborah, we are the buyers of a lovely house your family so have nurtured and filled with memories for 20 years.
    We will continue to treat this home with love and care.
    Thank you so much for the things you have left in the house. We were hoping to meet you, but alas!
    We hope the very best for your family.

  • John Norton

    Hi Bob: I sent a message to Farpoint hoping they would send it to you. I wanted to let you know that I gave your name to my principal and his assistant (Kent Island High School, Queen Annes County, MD). You will need to apply on-line (as most school districts require). I would suggest filling one out for a teaching position and a sub position that way you can get your foor in the door. In the application you can use my name (John Norton) as a reference, I am well thought of in my school. Good luck and I will see you at Shore Leave.

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