Ashes of Regret

Publisher: Madhouse Publishing

Year: 2022

On the Summer Solstice, Mesopotamian gods have broken free from their celestial prison in a series of destructive firestorms. Called “The Misbegotten” for their pettiness and cruelty, these liberated gods take to subjugating humans and carving up the earth using their etemmu or life-force to advance their selfish interests.

In the terrestrial chaos that follows, humans are struggling to rebuild society within those territories, dependent on the personality of the deity.

A clever-but-impulsive human survivor, Tamaki Hayashi, has never credited her grandmother’s stories about plant magic until desperation forces her to discover her own plant-bending powers.

Threatened and alone, Tamaki has no one to guide her through learning her power. Anger and rage compel her to tap blood magic in implanting the spirit of her dead soul-mate into a rescued fox.

An, the reigning tyrant for her territory, confronts and berates Tamaki for her forbidden intrigues. He exiles both Tamaki and the altered fox, who calls himself “Scout,” to an adjacent territory belonging to rival Enil. Tamaki and Scout are pursued and confined for invading Enlil’s territory.

Tamaki has to decide whether addiction to blood magic is worth the chance for freedom. Sometimes, wickedness is the only way out.

Content Warning: Self-harm

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