BIFF! BAM! EEE-YOW! The Subterranean Blue Grotto Essays on Batman ’66 – Season Two

Publisher: Crazy 8 Press

Year: 2021

Peace and Prosperity Reign in Gotham City…

But it’s merely the calm before the storm! Following several months of dastardly deeds by a small army of super-criminals, Gotham’s citizens once more sleep soundly in their beds until crime yet again rears its ugly head, prompting the Dynamic Duo to swing into action on their behalf!

Within these pages, Batman and Robin face not only their usual rogues gallery of Joker, Penguin, Catwoman, Riddler, King Tut, and Mr. Freeze, but all-new fiendish foes the likes of the Archer, the Minstrel, Colonel Gumm, and Marsha Queen of Diamonds! You’ve thrilled to the episodes that originally brought you this bounty of baddies, but suffice to say you’ve never experienced these stories quite like this, citizens!

Join Jim Beard, creator and editor of Gotham City 14 Miles and Zlonk! Zok! Zowie!, as he returns to Gotham City Police Headquarters with new friends and old to perilously plunge into the twenty-nine episodes of Batman‘s second season and the related public service announcements! Ride by their sides as they pit their amazing skills and abilities against the episodes’ themes, tones, and tropes to go far beyond any previous Batman episode essays—Holy Hours of Fun! They’ll BIFF! and BAM! you until you howl EEE-YOW! with delight!

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