Captain America: The Never Ending Battle

Publisher: Joe Books

Year: 2017

When Steve Rogers accompanies a congressional delegation to Eastern Europe, he is confronted by memories from the Second World War, and when the peaceful tour of the region is upended by a series of seemingly random attacks by super-powered opponents, Captain America is forced back on the offensive. Accompanied by Black Widow, Cap undertakes an investigation that uncovers a nefarious plan that could have devastating consequences for the world.

Captain America: The Never-Ending Battle takes the Star-Spangled Avenger on a whirlwind tour that forces him to come to terms with his past as he struggles to establish peace for the future. Written by writer and veteran comics editor Robert Greenberger, this novel puts Cap to the test in surprising and unexpected ways that bring his life full circle.

[Joe Books went bankrupt and this is out of print.]

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