Galloping Around the Cosmos: Memories of TV’s Wagon Train to the Stars from Today’s Grown-Up Kids (Memories from Today’s Grown-Up Kids)

Publisher: Becky Books

Year: 2023

And the Children Shall Lead!

Though creator Gene Roddenberry endowed his groundbreaking 1966-69 science fiction show Star Trek with plenty of substance and style to engage and entertain adult viewers, it also amazingly attracted the attention of younger eyes and imaginations—and in doing so forged entire generations of Trek Kids!

Watching the original series for the first time was a heady experience for a child, so much so it often made such an indelible impression that lasted their entire life. Galloping Across the Cosmos sets out to collect the memories of those who recall those early days in front of the TV for voyages into the Final Frontier alongside the stalwart crew of the Starship Enterprise, characters who became their teachers, mentors, and, yes, even friends along the way.

Beam up to the Federation’s top-of-the-line vessel with writer-editor Jim Beard as he curates a collection of essays from Grown-Up Kids who remember a time when Star Trek was new, fresh, and exciting—and able to shape the people they would become as adults.

We need warp speed now, Mr. Sulu!

Featuring Star Trek novelists Derek Tyler Attico, Keith R.A. DeCandido, Greg Cox, Robert Greenberger, Dayton Ward, as well as a stellar cast of today’s most engaging writers.

Cover illustration by Ron Hill
Logo design and interior formatting by Maggie Ryel
Edited by Jim Beard

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