OOOFF! BOFF! SPLATT! The Subterranean Blue Grotto Essays on Batman ’66 – Season Three

Publisher: Crazy 8 Press

Year: 2022

Is This Finally the End for Gotham City?

The city’s peerless protectors, the famous Caped Crusaders, Batman and Robin, steel themselves against the storm clouds that even now gather to rain danger and disaster down on Gotham’s citizens, and, what’s more, bring the curtain down on what will surely be the hard-working heroes’ final battles against the forces of evil!

Once you open this book, the die is cast. The last cathode-ray tube adventures of the dashing Dynamic Duo will be yours for perusal and pondering, a smorgasbord of sallies with the Joker, the Penguin, Catwoman, Egghead, King Tut, and more dissected and discussed by the cream of the crop of ebullient essayists with only one powerful purpose behind their efforts: Call them as they see them, for better or for worse!

Join Jim Beard, creator and editor of Gotham City 14 Miles and the Subterranean Blue Grotto Essays on Batman ’66, as he braves the battlements and bulwarks of Batman’s third season, the unaired Batgirl test pilot, and a special surprise essay of his own crazed concoction. But fear not for him, friends! For at his side trod a passel of pundits poised to ward off the vile villains who lurk within these pages, as well as budget cuts and waning energies that threaten the very fabric of the once terrific television series! OOOFF! you’ll cry when BOFF! the show is done and SPLATT! the Subterranean Blue Grotto will be closed forever!

Featuring Special Guest Essayists:

Sam Agro
James Aquilone
Ben Bentley
Michael Bailey
Cliff Biggers
Ed Catto
Keith DeCandido
John S. Drew
Sean Dulaney
Gordon Dymowski
Chris Franklin
Bob Greenberger
Dan Greenfield
Rich Handley
Forrest Helvie
Barbara Kesel
Paul Kupperberg
Brian K. Morris
L.E. Perez
Stacey Smith?

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