The Green Hornet Chronicles

Publisher: Moonstone Books

Year: 2012

With his faithful valet Kato, Britt Reid, daring young publisher, matches wits with the Underworld, risking his life so that criminals and racketeers may feel the weight of the law through the sting of the Green Hornet!

Moonstone is proud to present The Green Hornet Chronicles, the first anthology featuring all-new original crime fiction tales of the man who hunts the biggest game, public enemies that even the FBI can’t reach!

It’s the mid 1960s, the political climate is shaky, there’s civil unrest, freedom and equality issues erupt everywhere from film to music to out in the streets. On police records the green Hornet is actually a wanted criminal, a master manipulator, a crime boss who has his fingers in every pie.

In reality, The Green Hornet is actually Britt Reid,m owner-publisher of the Daily Sentinel. His goal is to destroy crime from within by posing as a criminal himself.

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