The Man Who Laughs: Exploring The Clown Prince of Crime

Publisher: Crazy 8 Press

Year: 2023

DC Comics’ Joker has been a goofy trickster, a giggling lunatic, a psychopathic killer, a methodical mastermind, a failed comedian, and an unstoppable force. It all depends on the writer and artist telling the story. He’s the Clown Prince of Crime, the Man Who Laughs, an agent of chaos. He has no special abilities or superpowers, but also no moral code or grip on reality. The Joker is charismatic, terrifying, unpredict-able, and downright hilarious. The only method to this criminal’s madness is that there is no method. This anthology offers more than twenty perspectives on the yin to Batman’s yang, written by respected comic creators, historians, and industry insiders. So step right into the mouth of madness.

The joke’s on us, and we’d like to let you in on it.

With new material from Bob Rozakis, Steve Engelhart, Tom K. Mason, Michael Jan Friedman, Bobby Nash, Jim Beard, Brian Cronin, Duy Tano, Alan J. Porter, Valentina Rossi, Jo Duffy, Lou Tambone, Robert Greenberger, Rich Handley, Paul Cornish, Joseph F. Berenato, Kaz B. Towner, LaMarrison Forte, Keith R.A. DeCandido, John Trumbull, Glenn Hauman, and Paul Kupperberg!

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