The Last Few Days

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Busy Busy BusyI know, sounds like Terry Thomas, doesn’t it?Anyway, work has been keeping me on the go. Lots of projects have picked up steam and I’ve been caught up in administrative tasks, most of which I truly enjoy doing (and miss from my previous time at DC).The projects are good to work on and I think will turn out to be successful but we’ll talk about them later.Also, been catching up on some comics reading, finished Robert B. Parker’s Double Play which was okay but ultimately disappointing because I expected it to be more about Jackie Robinson’s integration into Major League Baseball (as promised by the reviewers) than it turned out to be.CoolnessAn editor I

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  1. Snow in August is a wonderful book. The town of Brookline chose it to kick off our first “Brookline Reads” program in 2004. If you like Hamill in general, I very much recommend his novel Forever and his memoir A Drinking Life.

  2. Re “Busy, busy, busy”: John has it. The actor’s name is Billy de Wolfe, and he was all over television in the late sixties playing essentially the same part.

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