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Reviews are starting to come in on the DC Comics Encyclopedia and for the most part, they are positive. Sure, omitted characters get listed and errors are pointed out, but people seem generally pleased with the effort.More importantly, DK is thrilled with the first week sales. At this rate, they

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  1. Bob,I’ve checked the book out at my local Barnes & Noble and I was thrilled by the sheer number of characters, places and tech that was listed. It is a fantastic book and I can’t wait till mine arrives (I ordered a copy when the solicits first came out).This truly reminds me of the Who’s Who series. DK and you, Scott, Phil and the other gentleman (who’s name escapes me) should be commended on your hard work and thoroughness. Excellent work and a beautiful book!P.S. What errors or omissions have been mentioned?

  2. I do enjoy the book and would like to know when a corrected version is available.The most glaring error that I noticed, beyond the Legion is an image of Minute Man for the Mister Scarlet listing. (Not to mention that Minute Man didn’t get an entry.) Also, I don’t remember Neon the Unknown looking like that.

  3. I cannot fathom why Dawnstar, an active and vivid character in the Legion for 12 years, was listed under the heading of a malevolent spirit “possessing” her briefly after this period, “Bounty.” Nor why her most distinctive visual element, her wings, was thus omitted from your page. (She was never a bounty hunter before joining the Legion, either.)
    For that matter, the treatment of Legion characters in general was erratic in that some were taken up from pre-Legion-reboot issues, and some were not, and some entries ended up mixing the two eras. If you had simply stuck with the restarted Legion continuity from 1994 onward, that would have made sense.

  4. Okay, now for the detail correction work, as requested in your postscriptum…some of this will be remarks on recent events, as well as corrections.That said, here’s a partial list of stuff I stumbled across…Black Spider I: I’d forgotten that he’d been contacted by Neron. Makes me wonder if the guy who’s been showing up in Identity Crisis is in fact Needham rather than some new, third fellow who merely resembled Needham. So maybe this isn’t a mistake? Especially with Johnny LaMonica KIA in “War Games” by GCPD detective Crispus Allen…Dept. of Extranormal Operations, United States: Not included, whilst several branches and operatives of the DEO were, including Cameron Chase, Checkmate, and…Director “Bones”: Bones was used as an unwilling murder weapon against Skyman by the second Harlequin. Not an accident.Doom Patrol: No complaints about this entry.Gangbuster: Has since resettled in Fawcett City, per Ordway’s Power of Shazam.Legion of Super-Heroes: Not going there. Too much in flux right now. The 1994 remake cast could still be out there along with their hypertimeline, regardless what’s going on in the new LSH series. Besides which, I suspect that the cut-off date for character inclusion may have affected the entry for this group, as with the Monolith, Manhunter VI, Firestorm II and several others with their own series.Little Mermaid: She showed up alive later on in JLEurope‘s “Red Winter” arc, saying that the one who’d died in Bialya was an evil twin.Looker: Showed up during Phil’s run on Wonder Woman, apparently no longer vampiric, as Lia Briggs, supermodel on national TV. No explanations given as yet, although Phil hinted that he had one in the works.”Mary Marvel”: I still like the idea of her being referred to as “Capt. Marvel II”, per Ordway. Personal taste vs. editorial tradition, I suppose?Monarch: Should be “Monarch II”, or perhaps “III”, owing to the weird temporal mechanics of Armageddon 2001?Scare Tactics: Where are they?Shade(Richard Swift): Status should be “Reformed villain” or “hero”, no?Starman Will Payton: Why is it that whenever he shows up in a volume like this, his home base is always referred to as Tucson rather than the actually-depicted city of Phoenix? This one’s persisted since the first time Will got an entry in the old Who’s Who ’87, now that I think of it!Waller, Amanda: Villain??? I’ll concede “anti-hero” status to her, but this?Hope that helps…Yours,Dwight

  5. Bob, just a suggestion:You might want to put on your site a list (on the sides ala other blogs) of books you’ve worked on and possibly links to Amazon or some such seller site. I’d like to see a full list.

  6. Bob–The book is, indeed, fantastic. Congratulations. But as long as folks are cataloging errata for your next printing, here are two I’ve noticed:(1) The index and some entires refer to a “Hazard II,” but there doesn’t appear to be any entry for such a character, nor mention of one in the “Hazard I” entry.(2) Here’s one that has nothing to do with comics: Penultimate paragraph in the “Authors’ Introduction” reads in part “The DC Comics Encyclopedia is devised to run cronologically from A to Z…” I’m pretty sure that should’ve read “alphabetically from A to Z”But it’s a fantastic achievement. Kudos to all y’all at DC and DK!–ATK

  7. I’d argue for links to every online bookseller handling your material, Bob, as opposed to any one outfit exclusively. As noted earlier, not all sales are going to happen in the US/Canada region alone. Also, if past DK “Ultimate Guide” projects are anything to go by, you’re going to be seeing translated editions in various countries before too long, probably starting with French and/or Spanish.Yours,Dwight

  8. Thanks for all the nice comments.Mike, if you scroll back to the August 11 entry, there’s a complete bibliography complete with Amazon links.Some of the corrections noted have already been caught and added to the list. For others, such as Scare Tactics, well, we couldn’t fit everybody or every group and they’ve been inactive long enough they didn’t make the final cut.

  9. If Scare Tactics as a group didn’t fit the criteria though, then I’m left wondering how Gross-out, one of its members, merited a solo entry all to himself. I must admit to the logic escaping me at the moment.Ditto for four Global Guardians who’ve had all of one panel of one page apiece in JL Quarterly for readers to know of their existence. I’ll grant that each is from a nation sorely under-represented in the DCU’s tales, so maybe there’s something to be said in their defence…Yours,Dwight

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