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Watching the town hall debate on Friday was something like my watching a Mets game. Every so often I found myself screaming at the TV. It was usually something along the lines of

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  1. You are right about the Supreme Court and the environment. I’m glad it was brought up in the debate as well. The idea of a President Kerry getting his hands into either is too frightening to contemplate. The Supreme Court alone is reason enough for everyone to vote Republican. I’d hate to think of the urine that will be spilled on the Constitution if Kerry gets to pick the justices.
    On the whole timber thing, this is apparently a time where Bush has the facts straight better than you do. Kerry didn’t claim that Bush was an “investor”. He said he “owned” the timber company. According to factcheck.org, Kerry was wrong. Bush was part owner of Lone Star Trust, which is actually described on his 2001 income-tax returns as an “oil and gas production” business. He did indeed receive $84 from them. However, two years later, LST acquired half interest in the timber company.So, Bush is not and never has been the owner of a timber company.

  2. Which timber company is Bush II linked to?Remembering the takeover of MacMillan-Bloedel by Weyerhauser as well as the ongoing US-Canada softwood lumber dispute a little too well at the moment…Yours,Dwight

  3. I love that whole debate in Knight Life! I have a copy of the first paperback edition, and Peter did a really good job of capturing what politics in New York City was like at the time.

  4. I actually got to do that once. Back at UNC-CH, there was a debate followed by audience Q&A between Betty Friedan and Phyllis Schafly (sp?). As it happened, I knew the person in charge of the audience mike, and they let me hold onto it long enough to say, after Phyllis didn’t answer my question, “You didn’t answer the question. I wish you’d answer someone’s question (I was around #3 that she’d dodged)…”. Then gave a brief rebuttal to what she’d actually said.While it’ll never make it past the candidates’ advisors, I’d love for the next such “town hall” debate to include the moderator asking each questioner “Do you feel the candidates answered your question?” and the questioner stating yes or no for each one. Then moderator’s discretion on the “didn’t”s whether to give ’em a final 30 seconds each to try to actually do it.

  5. Common problem with politicians, although I’ve noticed a few who make the effort to actually give a clear answer. Those specimens need protection whenever we find’em, is all I can say.Yours,Dwight

  6. Bob -I also was yelling at the tv screen and wondering when they’d actually answer people’s questions. It wasn’t a town hall meeting, it was a 90 minute sound byte platform for both of them. Politicians…. yeesh.I’m actually quite disappointed in Charlie for not making them answer better. I see him around the building a lot and I’m tempted to give him a piece of my mind.As always, a pleasure to see you, Deb and Robbie. I’m compiling a list of adjectives that have been used to describe me and hoarding them for the day I need to remind Glenn just how vivacious and too-cool I am. :-)Back atcha…Brandy

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