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World Series LetdownI was curiously numb to the notion of the Red Sox winning the World Series. I suspect some of that was the natural let down of the first two rounds, both being very exciting for NL and AL fans. Being an NL fan, I was truly rooting for St. Louis and was disappointed that the four games lacked tension, drama or good play. The mystery to me and the rest of the fans is what happened to the Cards? They won 105 games, crushed Los Angeles, out slugged Houston and then rolled over to play dead.No pitching, no hitting, no wins.Let Boston enjoy their victory and their broken curse.HalloweenWith Halloween on Sunday, DC decided that today would be a fine day to celebrate. Our third floor lobby, which already resembles the rooftops of Gotham City, now looks like the Scarecrow came by. We have a costume contest this afternoon but already people have been parading in their finery. So far I have seen a convincing Hagrid, a malnourished Alan Moore, a delightful Professor McGonagall, and a cross-dressing Zatanna and Zatara. Even Regina, our temp receptionist, is decked out as a bumblebee.At 4, DC will have a bit of a Halloween party with games and the like. I

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  1. Hacker Files certainly did deserve to be a better sales performer than it was. As one of the readers who followed it, start to finish, it still bugs me to this day.

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