The Weekend so Far

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ProudKate is competing in her first Ballroom Dance competition down in College Park, MD. This has become her passion since the beginning of the semester but has been plagued with the lack of a partner. The first one crapped out and the second, some kid from Georgetown named Andriy, canceled Friday night. So, my intrepid daughter heads to the competition and at the last minute is paired up with Dave from UPenn. They enter the Newcomer American Cha Cha competition and survive round after round of elimination, even though Kate was trained in International Cha Cha and had to eliminate some moves. Still, she and Dave took fourth place in the competition.Later, she pairs up with some other guy and winds up taking fifth place in Beginner American Cha Cha.When she called with the delirious news, I almost didn

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  1. I strongly strongly strongly recommend renting the original Japanese version of Shall We Dance? which is a great great movie. I, too, have no interest in seeing the American version, partly because a lot of why the original worked has to do with peculiarities of Japanese culture that simply don’t exist in the U.S.—KRAD

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