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Item one: Work on Friday was pretty good. Spent all morning on an instant collection for a DC Direct product, details to follow. Then spent 2.5 hours in the afternoon reviewing the big project with our designer, Robbin, and Georg and Dale. We went through it page by page, essentially a first draft of the overall design and tweaked accordingly. It

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  1. I’ve been told that Brad Bird isn’t a comics reader, so he might know and respect the genre of superhero stories but he doesn’t know it from comics…

  2. My understanding is that Bird is not a current comics reader but he is a fan of the medium, as evinced by his frequent praise of Will Eisner in interviews (this was also the reason that the Spirit was mentioned and shown in THE IRON GIANT).

  3. Isn’t the STAR WARS franchise dead yet? Aside from the original flick, released in 1977, none of the followups have been worth watching, and each is more and more UNwatchable.As for THE INCREDIBLES, have to agree it was terrific (started, but never finished, a review for my site). Of course, I’ll be waiting to see whether Marvel decides to sue in order to pump up the box office for its upcoming FANTASTIC FOUR flick, since there’s very little difference between the Marvel characters and the Pixar group.M

  4. Saw THE INCREDIBLES for the second time Saturday, Bob. I agree about Holly Hunter’s character and performance. I loved Craig T. Nelson and Jason Lee, but Helen’s parting words of warning to the kids in the cave made her a real mom for me.And the musical score? A John Barry/Bond movie/Flint movie fan’s dream! Hope it gets an Oscar nod.And incidentally, I, too, downloaded Firefox this very night (we use it at work now) — and yours was the first bookmark I tested. Hey, if I can’t use my oldest friends as cyber-guinea pigs, who can I use? If I ever warrant a blog or site of my own (bwah-ha-ha), feel free to do the same.

  5. Whoops. Clarification: Jerry Goldsmith scored the Flint movies. Didn’t mean to imply Barry did both series.Just wanted to keep the record straight, Bob. Credit where credit’s due, and all that. Carry on.

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