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Universal decided to shift Serenity from April to September 2005. For my thinking on the decision, jump to the cut.The buzz this morning is all about the news that Serenity, the movie version of Firefly is bumped from April to September 2005. Over at Ain

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  1. Bob, where are you getting the April 29th date? The only date I’ve ever seen, and the one that was still on the official movie website as of this morning, was April 22, 2005.
    And you’ve missed one non-genre movie opening June 3 that looks like it’s setting up to have no small amount of impact, THE CINDERELLA MAN. While it’s a period piece (the story of boxer Jim Braddock), it’s a Russell Crowe period piece. Never underestimate the box office potential of Russell Crowe in a period piece. I know my gender too well sometimes. 🙂

  2. Here’s what I’d posted on Tony Isabella’s board about this. My release info is different from yours, and comes from (and I only listed films that either look to be big and/or genre films). I included info for a few weeks before and after each release date.Release schedule around the original release date of April 22 includes:April 1st 2005″Beauty Shop””Sin City”April 15th 2005″Amityville Horror, The”April 22nd 2005″Walk the Line”April 29th 2005″House of Wax””xXx: State of the Union”Spring 2005″Valiant” (eta: This is a Disney computer-animated flick with anthropomorphic birds set in World War II)May 6th 2005″Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, The””Kingdom of Heaven” (eta: This is Ridley Scott’s Crusades epic with Orlando Bloom)”Monster-in-Law” (eta: This is the movie with J. Lo. and J. Fo. — Fonda, that is)May 19th 2005″Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith”By contrast, schedule around new date (eta: I have since learned that the new date is September 30):August 12th 2005″Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo”September 16th 2005″A Scanner Darkly”September 23rd 2005″The Legend of Zorro”October 7th 2005″Wallace & Gromit: The Movie”October 14th 2005″Tim Burton’s The Corpse Bride”So a much less crowded state, and more importantly, no other space-set S-F juggernauts like HITCHHIKER’S and STAR WARS in its immediate path.I hate the wait but I do think it’s a good choice commercially.Back to the new posting, as mentioned, I have since learned that the new SERENITY release date is September 30, which is practically an October opening (hey, just realized it will open for my birthday weekend, I was born on 10/2. Thanks for the birthday present, Joss!). That shows much more confidence than an early September opening.I think it will end up being a good move. At least, I darn well hope it will…

  3. There’s an 800 pound gorilla there. Releasing another SF movie vs. Star Wars III would mean that Serenity would get 2 weeks and then drop to practically zero. It’s what finally killed the Trek franchise, releasing two weeks before a major blockbuster. (Spiderman, I think.)

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