It’s not my Fault

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I was delighted to see that Rosen Publishing was smart enough to solicit their Library of Graphic Novelists via Diamond. The first wave of six titles are featured on page 310 of the December Diamond Previews catalogue.I was also pleased to see that Diamond threw their spotlight on the books featuring Neil Gaiman and my own Will Eisner book.Then I read the description.Buried about halfway down it reads,

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  1. Michael echoes my own thoughts. I’d especially love to see you in charge at DC. Maybe we could get Ostrander’s SUICIDE SQUAD back. Or collected, at least.

  2. Speaking of press coverage, I noticed that this week’s edition of the Globe and Mail Books supplement that shows up along with its host newspaper every Saturday gave a positive mention to the DC Encyclopedia. If you want a scan of the paragraph in question, feel free to e-mail me directly. I think I’ve still got my copy in the house.Yours,Dwight

  3. Bob,Just be happy I don’t proofread the catalog anymore. I would have promoted you to President & Publisher. Then you’d really have some ‘splainin’ to do.And, for the record, I’ve always found you engaging, so why not your book?– L.PS: Speaking of books by you, I just received my copy of the DC Encyclopedia last week. Well done!

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