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Bringing things up to date:

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    1. Thanks to an Amazon box being opened inadvertently, I know I’m getting the Encyclopedia for Christmas. I have been coveting it for months and browse a bit every time I visit a bookstore, so I’m very much looking forward to reading it cover-to-cover at my leisure.Legion is already on my pull list. Can’t wait!Agree about Kerik. It’s a foolish thing. Kerik made the right decision to come forward and step out of consideration, though.Looking forward to the details of your project!

    2. Mike and I jumped on the DC Encyclopedia when we saw it at Costco (okay, not literally; Seattle’s a pretty laid-back town), and then I spent the rest of the evening looking through it. Beautiful, informative, and a great way to get caught up with the DC universe. Thanks, Bobberoo.

    3. It wasn’t the nanny. It was the mob payoffs, the illicit affair with two women at the same time he was married (one was superstar publisher Judith Regan — the publisher of the book Bob is so enamored with), forcing prison workers to campaign for Republicans, the illicit money from the Taser company, the warrant for his arrest for not paying maintenance fees on a condo in Jersey and a couple other things I’m not remembering off the top of my head.

    4. Legion-related, and I’m sure you’re aware of this Bob, but in case you aren’t: The Best of The Legion Outpost is in comic shops now. Millions could be sold and we (“we” meaning Harry Broertjes, Jay Zilber, the original contributors, and Legion fandom in general) wouldn’t make any more money on it than the relative pittance we got from TwoMorrows, but the Legion fans I’ve heard from seem to think it’s pretty snazzy. I only wish that editor Glen Cadigan had listened to me when I asked for proofreading changes.

    5. I saw the DC Encyclopedia in a standee in the front of a Media Play store. There were only about four copies in the whole thing, which I took to mean they sold through a bunch already! I said to myself “I know the guy that put that book together!” I’m sure it’s making quite the christmas gift this holiday season.Another thing: I think the big project was leaked on Newsarama, Bob.

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