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The March solicitations for DC went live on Monday so I guess it

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  1. I think Minaya’s going to be a competent GM, but if signing Pedro Martinez winds up being a good decision for the Mets I’ll start rooting for them.Martinez isn’t good for 100 pitches in consecutive starts, and he really needs five days of rest between starts. He’s a head case, too. And he’s only going to get older and more fragile. Minaya’s hope has to be that Martinez will provide two good seasons, much as George Foster helped hold the fort for the Mets in the early 1980s while they built that great team. (I always thought it was cruel of the Mets to dump Foster in early 1986 just as they were going on to a great season.)Worse, Minaya’s signing of Kris Benson at that price is insane. I’d say the over-under on Benson’s wins for the coming three seasons is 30.As for Sexson and Delgado, they’re both questionable (and yet, for some inexplicable reason, atop the Mariners’ list). You’re right about Olerud. If the Mets can put some young lumber in the lineup around him, there’s no better defensive first baseman in the game today, and Mets fans should know, too — they saw what happened to their infield defense after they let Olerud go the first time.Right now I’d say the Mets will still be hard-pressed to play with the Braves, but if the Mets can just spend three days not worrying about what Steinbrenner does, they’ve got a chance.

  2. “Uncovering Batman” sounds interesting. I started thinking about outstanding covers from Batman and Detective Comics, and the two that immediately popped into my head were Neal Adams’ covers for Batman 227 and 251. 227’s an homage to Bob Kane’s Detective 31 cover, but it just looks fantastic. And the Joker has never looked scarier than on the cover of 251.Paul

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