Having a Holly Jolly Christmas

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For whatever reason, the entire family got into the mood to sit and watch numerous Christmas specials this weekend. In years past, we would make this a ritual, working our way through a tape I compiled of what we consider classics: The Grinch who Stole Christmas, Muppet Family Christmas, Charlie Brown, Rudolph, etc. Over time, we stopped doing this en masse so Rob would watch what he liked and I drifted to watching Miracle on 34th Street and the Alistair Sim A Christmas Carol.The one thing we all watched, though, was A Muppet Family Christmas. This turns out to be Deb

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  1. Actually, according to the true “Secret Origins of Rudolph”, Rudolph was not one of Santa’s reindeer (or the offspring of one of Santa’s reindeer), and he did not live at the North Pole. Rudolph dwelled in an “ordinary” reindeer village elsewhere, and although he was taunted and laughed at for having a shiny red nose, he was not regarded by his parents as a shameful embarrassment. Rudolph was brought up in a loving household and was a responsible reindeer with a good self-image and sense of worth. Moreover, Rudolph did not rise to fame when Santa picked him out from the reindeer herd because of his shiny nose. Santa discovered the red-nosed reindeer quite by accident, when he noticed the glow emanating from Rudolph’s room while delivering presents to Rudolph’s house. Worried that the thickening fog

  2. I always hate it when an officially sold version of something is missing certain parts due to whatever reasons. It annoys me even more when they don’t tell you about it.
    I grew up watching and enjoying a lot of the Christmas specials, but I’ll never forget what happened when we watched Rudolph in college. A friend of mine asked if he could watch it in our dorm room since we were the only ones he knew who had a big color TV. He wanted to recapture that Christmas spirit he had growing up. Well, as we watched it, and the plot unfolded, we became somewhat uncomfortable. As one of us put it afterwards, the moral of Rudolph is that it’s okay to make fun of people who are different from you unless you can find a wait to exploit them.
    I noticed that you omitted It’s a Wonderful Life from your list. I love that movie.

  3. Our favorite is Scrooged … what that says about us, I’m scared to consider!That’s terrible about the Muppets. There’s nothing worse than discovering an old favorite has been butchered like that.

  4. False Idols and Christmas IconsBah humbug! Pet peeves may be petty, but they’re peeves, and you have them, so pet them, nuture them, let them fester like sand in your bathing suit.Today’s peeve is: R., the obnoxious – marketing – manufactured – nauseating – song – creating – oh…

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