Twas the Day Before Christmas

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It’s been busy around the house. This morning was non-stop as Deb and I chopped, sauteed, browned, stirred, baked, and washed. We’re in terrific shape for Christmas Day which feels good. Robbie’s final gifts from his Aunt and Uncles finally arrived so they have to wrapped while he’s at work.Deb, Kate and I will spend the afternoon seeing Spanglish right after I return some e-mail to people, thanks to this blog, I have heard from once again.As expected, yesterday I did complete the first daft on the Anicent Chinese technology book. Also baked, shopped, wrapped and did other holiday stuff. Treated myself to a bizarre double feature thanks to cable and video: Y Tu Mama Tambien and Terminator 3. The former is an interesting character study — just wish I liked the characters more. The latter is an exercise in excess, a movie that did not need to be made. And a total waste of Claire Danes’ talents.If Santa’s coming, may he bring you your heart’s desire. To everyone, a happy, quiet, and peaceful holiday weekend.

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  1. A very merry christmas to you as well. I did get one of the things I had been wanting. My brother-in-law gave me a copy of the DC COMICS ENCYCLOPEDIA. I gave it a casual glance last night and it looks like a fantastic book. I was impressed with the number of entries and the fact that you and the others included such esoteric heroes and villains. A really great book.

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