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Christmas Eve proved peaceful. Spanglish was very entertaining, well acted and an original story. The pacing drags a bit in the middle but I recommend it.We got home to find Robbie having surprised us. He returned home from work and made our dinner. We had the traditional pasta, shrimp and salad. Then there were the gifts. We were most pleased. By 9:30 they were dressed and off to prep for singing in the choir while I puttered around the house, getting things ready.They sang nicely, the mass was fine and I only started to nod off during the homily. We got home around 12:40 and the kids slunk off to bed. Deb and I played Santa including wrapping one final gift I totally forgot about.Robbie got us up by 7 a.m. and we were staggering downstairs and opening what Santa delivered within minutes. We allowed the process to drag out, barely keeping an eye on the clock given their obligation for more singing at 10 a.m. mass. They managed to be ready right on time so this worked.Between Santa Deb and the family, I was given some lovely things. I now own all 11 Marx Brothers movies thanks to the two recently released box sets. I also received a Merino wool sweater, black belt, socks, a GWU travel mug, The Very Best of Robert Palmer, The Clash

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  1. Can’t handle all five hours. I have to give you credit with that. That’s why I love the fact that it’s on two disks. Sue and I are tackling them Monday and Tuesday night. BTW, got your email and will take care of it this week. You just need to shoot me a snail mail address to send it to. (“Borck! How many times have I told you not to end a sentence with a preposition?” Bonus points for whoever figures out the movie that’s from.)

  2. Hey, Bob, we got a gift in common — I also got the London Calling reissue! Can’t wait to dig into it — it looks like quite a set. I also got a book you worked on, the DC Encyclopedia, and have been happily perusing it this evening, so thanks for the gift!

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