The Three Day Wrap-up

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Congratulations to William Shatner. I

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  1. I’m a bit worried about Shatner….He’s on a rather big career renaisance right now, which is perfect for tragic headlines (for reference see: Ritter, John).

  2. Watching Boston Legal recently I realized it wasn’t Captain Kirk that Jean-Luc Picard found in the Nexus. It was actually Denny Crane.Rewatch the “cooking with the Captains” scene in Star Trek: Generations. Watch how Shatner approaches the scene. That’s Denny Crane scrambling the eggs and blowing off that constipated blowhard Picard, not James Tiberius Kirk.No, I’ve no idea how Denny Crane found himself in the Nexus. I’ll leave that to David E. Kelley to figure out.And Todd, John Ritter is a bad example. Ritter never really went away.

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