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  1. We did okay, we bought a shovel yesterday morning and used it on the car and surrounding portion of the driveway around noon today. Snow came off pretty easily, and I’m actually all set to use the car tomorrow morning to get to work…

  2. Hail from the Baltimore metro area, Bob!We got nailed with about 6 inches that, thankfully, shoveled away with relative ease. I say “relative” because I was also herding the 4-year-old Woodspawn as he got his first real taste of playing in the snow. When Greg discovered that the powder wouldn’t pack sufficiently for snowballs, I showed him how naturally packed blocks of snow worked just as well. Of course, I showed him this by lobbing them at him with the shovel, but since he enjoyed it immensely, I don’t think Child Welfare will be taking him away from us anytime soon.Meanwhile, Cindy and a phalanx of our friends ventured into Baltimore to see Kate Mulgrew as Katherine Hepburn in “Tea at Five.” The storm hit its peak while they were gone, but cleared off MUCH earlier than forecast before they got home, safely.Glad everyone’s well up there. Thought of you often as I watched the Weather Channel this weekend. Let’s hope we don’t get a repeat performance at Farpoint in three weeks.(Gasp! I have lines to memorize for the Sunday show! And I didn’t write them! What’ll I do? Well, for starters, I guess I could stop wasting time on message boards …)

  3. Well, in Philadelphia, most of the roads are still barely driveable, but unless you work in a public school, you still had to go to work. *Sigh.* Got in some nice family time, though, so it wasn’t a total wash.

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