Remembering Johnny Carson

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A couple of weeks ago, Kate and I were chatting in the car and somehow Johnny Carson

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  1. Funny how we end up talking about people right before they leave this world. A friend and I were discussing the silo kingdoms within show business; how a person can rise to the top of a particular brand of show biz without branching much beyond it. Johnny Carson was our chosen example. He was (and remains) king of the talk show, somehow elevating it even over the likes of Steve Allen (and not approached by anyone today), yet he didn’t do much else (another example would be J.P. Morgan who did nothing but game shows… right?). Always appreciated was his trust of the audience. He could float a joke that was a tad esoteric and just wait for the response he knew would eventually come, trusting his audience was actually smart enough to get it. A far cry from the modern belief that the audience is stupid.It’s probably apocrypha, but my favorite post-retirement story of Johnny’s was his getting turned away from a restaurant because patrons must wear ties, so went to his room and came back wearing a tie. And only a tie. Like I said, probably not true, but… thaaat’s Johnny!

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