A Wee Bit Jealous

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I wonder if most writers are somewhat jealous of artists and vice versa. I can look at a blank piece of paper or screen and pretty much know how to start writing. I can look at the same piece of paper and be totally stumped as to how to make a picture or design.I was reminded of that when I spent an informative 90 minutes with Jim Lee and Robbin Brosterman on Thursday. Jim, of course, is the famous artist currently best know for his work on the Batman: Hush storyline. Robbin is DC

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  1. I don’t know if I would say that I’m jealous of artists the way you describe it, but there are a few things I’m envious about. First of all, an artist can give a much cooler presentation than a writer. We can talk about writing to a group, but artists can talk about creating art and demonstrate such creation at the same time. Secondly, an artist can create an “original” version of their work and sell that original for a lot of money, while still holding onto the rights to make copies of the work for commercial use. A writer’s original manuscript has far less value, as it can’t really be hung on the wall.

  2. As someone who can do neither, I’m jealous of BOTH writers and artists.I really wish I could create something from scratch that was at least partially original. Sadly, I lack that spark.

  3. As someone who considers himself a above-average writer, and only a decent “draw-er” (don’t really think I’m worthy of the term “artist”) I know that I certainly envy people who can picture something in their head and then draw a picture of it. That’s always where I fail – what ends up on the paper is only a pale imitation of what I’m imagining.Then again, I tend not be as good at the descriptive side of writing, so I guess that’s something I envy in all creative fields.

  4. Also, if you ever get too jealous, just think about how much a better writer you are than Jim Lee. The guy’s pictures definitely knock your socks off, but his writing falls flat for me.

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