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It’s 12:40 a.m. and I really should be going to bed. However, I just completed something and am feeling pretty good about it.Around mid-day on Thursday, our Licensing Department called in something of a panic. They are working on a 1000 question Batman Trivia Game and their freelance writer had personal upheavals and stopped after 600 questions. The day before deadline.Any chance I could help out? Once I got my supervisor’s permission to burn the midnight oil, we agreed I’d tackle 200 questions and deliver them in the morning. It seems all 1000 questions need to be approved, proofread and out of house before the weekend.I tapped my long-distance pal John Wells to handle the other 200. He gleefully got home after work and set to it. We agreed he’d concentrate on 1965-1985 material while I handled stuff before and after. Fortunately, we both had the writer’s 600 questions to get a feel for what he had covered. And as I prepared to leave work, Michael Burstein threw many questions at me, most of which found their way into the manuscript.Well, pretty much from 8 p.m. until 12:30 a.m. I researched and wrote my 200 questions. At some point, John sent me his first 50 for a look see and that was nice and encouraging.And it’s done. DC will make its deadline, I got to have a little fun and remind myself what it’s like to handle a crash project.I’m also reminded of the Trivia Mania book I produced as Xavier Einstein back in 1984, shortly after joining DC. That was 1001 questions and it took me weeks to research and write but of course, the resources available to me 21 years ago pale in comparison with today.And now to bed.

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  1. Congratulations. As a recent college grad, I think I should remind you that, nostalgia aside, working late on a project is only fun when you very rarely have to do it.I’ll keep an eye out for this trivia game.

  2. Grr. While I realize I’m not up to John’s level (or database :-)), please keep me in mind as a possible resource if this sort of thing happens again. Would’ve loved to have helped out.Heck, if they decide to do another trivia game about other characters, I’d love to be considered for the initial writer. 🙂

  3. That’s impressive, Bob.Part of me is thinking you should have called me, but then I realize I would have had to read the rest of the questions, come up with 100 or more that didn’t duplicate any of the others and get them to you by, oh, first thing this morning.See you at Farpoint.Paul

  4. Bob,
    When you unpile, check out fresh pictures from Port St. Lucie of the Mets as Spring Training gets underway. Sorry for the ad, but I don’t have your email.
    Seriously, though check out the site. I’m hoping you’ll agree to be interviewed for a story in the second issue of our new magazine, mostly about your use of Mets’ player names as supporting characters in your books. We’re going to write one feature on interesting Mets fans in each issue.
    Feel free to contact me via email if you’re up for the story…I think it would be fun.
    Mike McGann
    Managing Editor

  5. Congrats on your accomplishment, Bob. Odd that you should bring up trivia books. For some reason I was thinking of my copy of your “Trivia Magic” today. It’s still on my living room bookshelf, lovingly autographed [my brackets, your parentheses]:”To Lance — A fellow writer, a Boogie Knight [God, the band was only two years old!], and a friend.”Bob (millionaire; I own a mansion and a yacht).”I probably thought of it because you signed it at a con, and Farpoint’s coming up. Which reminds me: Gotta go pack my DC Encyclopedia.See you under the big top.– L.

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