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People have been wondering when I was going to comment on the recent cancellation of Enterprise. With Farpoint this weekend, I know it

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  1. The truly sad thing is that Enterprise was just falling into its role as *prequel* and was finally getting around to showing the evolution of modern Vulcan society, the formation of the Federation, etc.But when Enterprise first came out, I definitely thought that they should have given Star Trek a rest before immediately launching another show. (Especially a prequel show – Voyager made a lot of casual fans, but alienated a lot of continuity-lovers.)Hopefully Paramount will, as you suggest, be more careful with its next incarnation of Star Trek. Until then, I’ll be satisfied knowing that the novels will continue to provide quality Star Trek.

  2. Bob,I’ve earlier weighed in on ENTERPRISE right here in this particular corner of the blogosphere, and I stand by my comments: The show did not look like it preceded the Kirk STAR TREK, it looked like it followed it. Plus we had those mistaken story choices of the guy from the future and the battle with the Xindi. I did not like that ENTERPRISE had a crew that was familiar with space travel. I wanted it all to be a new experience, all about the novelty of being first and figuring it out. For the most part, any of these stories could have been thrown into any other STAR TREK series.The shows and the movies, too, tended to move away from the core, really cool stuff about STAR TREK. They also took themselves way too seriously.The franchise also never succeeded in replacing the charismatic lead actor that the first two TV series had. Nobody on VOYAGER was that interesting until Jeri Ryan gave the fanboys something to drool at. And Jonathan Archer is just a good guy with no major character flaws or quirks, except that he gets to have a dog in space.Perhaps the franchise needs a rest. Problem is, who knows if Paramount can afford to let it lie fallow. I know Eliz and I had some good ideas for spinoffs back in the days of NEXT GENERATION; let me know if we should polish them up. Of course, anything I come up with would probably completely alienate the most loyal STAR TREK fans…

  3. Speaking as a casual fan: Loved the original series; thought TNG was just okay; enjoyed DS9, and actually liked the first few seasons of Voyager. I loved the concept of Enterprise, but they blew it big time (and oh I would love to go fix it…)I used to enjoy the novels, but there are too many now with quality being so up and down that it isn’t worth taking the chance.I will always be dissappointed in the series finale of Voyage. Well over half of it should have dealt with life after Voyager.Movies were up and down, but I will go see all ST movies made in the future just because the parts can be fun even if the film is not.Ultimately, I think it’s the “improvement” of the human race that made TNG, in particular, very bland. Not enough conflict. Oddly, conflict should have been the hallmark of Enterprise, but they messed that up…It will be back, but not with much impact, I’d bet.

  4. I have to admit to feeling subject to highway robbery of a sort here. I’ve enjoyed Enterprise almost from the first, and things seemed to be truly picking up steam this year. I liked the whole Xindi/Expanse arc, and was intrigued where others were outraged over the Temporal Cold War premise.For me, it just feels like it’s too soon to call it quits. I’m not sure what I think of the whole “fan financing” scheme that seems to be picking up steam over at trekbbs.com yet, but Trek’s done odd things in its history before. Maybe this too will work out to the best.Yours,Dwight

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