Star Trek Fiction Balloting

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I regularly participate in the discussions over at David Henderson

4 thoughts on “Star Trek Fiction Balloting

  1. Bob, good talking to you at Farpoint and, with apologies for using this forum for an OT message, just shoot an email back at me?thanks!jv

  2. Just wanted to say that I did vote for that scene. I thought it was a really great scene – I can’t imagine it being better, and it really followed from the events of the novel. Congrats!

  3. And you wonder why I’ve looked up to you for more than two decades. If Farpoint were being held this weekend instead of last weekend, I’d hug you. (Alas, we’d probably keep missing each other, just the same. My apologies for that; I’ll try to do better next year, sir.)For now, though: congratulations — and please don’t wear anything too revealing or trashy to the awards ceremony.

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