Mr. Bob Goes to Fairfield

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I must be out of my mind.For several years now I have been asked to run for RTM, our version of a town governing body. I

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  1. That’s fantastic, Bob! I hope it works out for you. More good people are needed in government at all levels.

  2. Great to hear that you are getting involved in the government here in Fairfield! I think that Mr. Flatto has done a fantastic job, and I know that you’ll do a great job, as well. I’m hoping that you feel that your children had a good experience in the Fairfield Public Schools, and that you decide to be a supporter of the great public education that Faifield offers. We need all the friends we can get in town government! Good luck!

  3. Bob:Good luck, because I’m sure you’ll need it.Let me know if you ever actually need to run, because between the cousin with the political polling operation and the baseball teammate who does political commercials and PR, we can probably get you elected governor.M

  4. Fairfield County truly needs more good people in government — particularly folks with your kind of drive and perception.Best of luck, Robert.Mike

  5. Best of all, Bob, you won’t need to hire a speechwriter when you make your run for higher office. Of course, that ruins my master plan to quit my job, move to Fairfield, and change my name to Toby Ziegler …I know you will accomplish much. Good luck!

  6. Good luck Bob, and thanks for getting involved.I’ve been playing in the political pool for the past several years and have found it both frustrating and rewarding, often at the same time, which is why I’m immediate PAST President of the local Democratic committee.On the other hand, I’m neck deep in Getting Democracy for Virginia organized.

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