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It’s been a while since I’ve talked about the various projects I’m working on so let’s do a quick review:Weekly World News: Every week I continue to chronicle the adventures of Matt Daemon SOS (Seeker of Obscure Supernaturals). I also have written several long and short “news” stories for the paper and continue to have fun. Sometimes I find a single sentence idea waiting in my In Box and get to run wild with it.Cutting Edge Careers: Artificial Intelligence: Manuscript delivered to Editor.In the News: Suicide Bombers: Manuscript delivered to Editor.Star Trek: Corps of Engineers – “Troubleshooting”: Manuscript deliver to Editor.Star Trek: Constellations – “The Landing Party”: Copy edited manuscript returned to Editor.The Phantom Prose Anthology – “Ghost Hunting”: Manuscript delivered to editor.Rosen Publishing’s Database Project: Three older works updated, several more to go.Scifipedia: Not sure how much I’ve discussed this but I have written about four dozen entries for this new feature over at sci-fi.com. John Douglas, the project editor, was extremely generous in assigning me a broad variety of topics. As of today, only one is on line, the rest will no doubt roll out over the next few weeks. Happily, I got to write about comic strips, comic books, artists, novels, movies and television.The Eternals: As mentioned on Friday, one of two pieces I wrote for Marvel about this series, is now available at Newsarama. No clue what’s happening with the second piece.Actionopolis: Just got the outline for this project finalized and will probably start writing shortly. I’ll be talking more about this one shortly. However, the line overall looks very promising. Their first two offerings are available in this month’s Diamond Previews catalogue and worth a look in the Komikwerks sections.Media Tie-In Novel: Proposal with Licensee.Media Tie-In Project: Rough outline ready for the editor when he says it’s time to turn it in.Original Urban Fantasy: This novel outline sits there, waiting its turn.There remain a few other things in the works but all too tentative to talk about until later.

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  1. Looks like the second “Eternals” piece went up on Newsarama today, Bob…

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