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I have long since recalled what prompted me to begin recording the books I read each year. Still, today marks the end of the tenth year. A decade of reading preserved for some reason. As a result, I decided to take a look at a few of the statistics before sharing my 2006 reading list.First of all, I seem to be getting faster, as this year was a record: 73 books. Interestingly, from what I can tell, I read more after going back to work than when I was home. The train ride certainly has been helpful. As usual, I’ve sampled new authors and some different subject matter and found several books to be highly entertaining. Perhaps the two best newcomers of the year were Sweet & Low: A Family Story by Rich Cohen and The Chinatown Death Cloud Peril by Paul Malmont.I’ve read 643 books in the last decade. Plus countless comic books, magazines, newspapers and the stray cereal box. Over the last decade, 25% of those books were Star Trek related titles which made sense given my contributions to the program and my keeping up with what many friends have been up to.The top 10 most read authors breakdown as follows. Again, this makes sense given my friendship for several and my enjoyment of all the output. I excluded, by the way, titles edited by several of these people.28-Peter David23- Robert B. Parker17-Michael Jan Friedman14-Keith R. A. DeCandido12-John Vornholt11-Christie Golden11-Max Allan Collins11-Susan Wright10-Greg Cox9-David Baldacci9-Greg RuckaThese days I continue to read much of the DC and Marvel output plus a handful of titles from other publishers. Each day I still read USA Today and the Connecticut Post plus parts of The New York Times. My magazine reading includes Time, The Week, Entertainment Weekly, Smithsonian, Starlog, Geek, Playboy, Premiere, Dreamwatch, Starburst, Sci-Fi Channel, Alter Ego, Back Issue, and the occasional one-off. None of this includes material read on websites throughout the World Wide Web.That’s certainly plenty to keep one’s mind stimulated.And now, a look at this year’s reading:The Historian – Elizabeth KostovaWizards at War – Diane DuaneEverything Bad is Good for You – Steven JohnsonDog Days – Ana Marie CoxStar Trek: Titan – Orion’s Hound – Christopher L. BennettSpiderwick Chronicles Books 1 & 5 – Tony DiTerlizzi & Holly BlackStar Trek: New Frontier – Missing in Action – Peter DavidTangled Ropes – Superstar Billy GrahamDeath in a White Tie – Ngaio MarshA Wrinkle in Time – Madeleine L’EngleSea Change – Robert B. ParkerThe Big Sleep – Raymond ChandlerBuilt to Win – John SchuerholzDaughter of Time – Josephine TeyStar Trek: Enterprise – Rosetta – David SternAn Unsuitable Job for a Woman – P.D. JamesFiasco – James Robert ParishPrep – Curtis SittenfeldTo Serve and Submit – Susan WrightThe Collectors – David BaldacciCell – Stephen KingAbadazad – J.M. DeMattiesCurse of Darkness – Laura Ann GilmanBranded Woman – Wade MillerDesperate Networks – Bill CarterDC Universe: Inheritance – Devin GraysonBook of Fate – Brad MeltzerStar Trek: Deep Space 9: Warpath – David MackBlue Screen – Robert B. ParkerStar Trek: Enterprise-Last Full Measure – Michael A. Martin & Andy MangelsSweet & Low: A Family Story – Rich CohenIn the Best Interests of Baseball? – Andrew ZimbalistThe Chinatown Death Cloud Peril – Paul MalmontNotes for a Memoir on Isaac Asimov, Live and Writing – Janet JeppsonHow to be Good – Nick HornbyStar Trek: Constellations – Marco Palmieri, editorSpider-Man: The Darkest Hours – Jim ButcherStar Trek: Vanguard – Summon the Thunder – Dayton Ward & Kevin DilmoreThe Devil & The White City – Erik LarsonWarhammer: Day of Daemon I – Aaron RosenbergStar Trek: Burning Dreams – Margaret Wander BonnanoWhen will Jesus Bring the Pork Chops? – George CarlinFall of Knight – Peter DavidStar Trek: Vulcan’s Soul Book 2 – Susan Shwartz & Josepha ShermanLost Girls – Alan Moore & Melinda GebbeThe Plot Against America – Philip RothWill Eisner – A Spirited Life – Bob AndelmanThey’ll Never Put That on the Air: An Oral History of Taboo-Breaking Comedy – Allan NeuwirthDark Shadows: The Salem Branch- Lara ParkerNovel Ideas: Fantasy – Brian M. Thomsen, editorGunsmoke: The Reckless Gun – Joseph A. WestBones: Buried Deep – Max Allan CollinsPredator: Forever Midnight – John ShirleyLucky at Cards – Lawrence BlockMurder, She Wrote: Three Strikes and You’re Dead – Donald BainMonk: Mr. Monk goes to Hawaii – Lee GoldbergLas Vegas: High Stakes Game – Jeff MariotteWisdom from the Batcave – Cary A. FriedmanCSI: Snakes Eyes – Max Allan CollinsOakdale Confidential: Secrets Revealed – Alina AdamsStar Trek: Corps of Engineers-Aftermath – Keith R.A. DeCandido, editorWolverine: Road of Bones – David MackDC Universe: Helltown – Denny O’NeilBattlestar Galactica: Sagittarius is Bleeding – Peter DavidAlias: Namesakes – Greg CoxThe Last Quarry – Max Allan CollinsInfinite Crisis – Greg CoxCSI: Blood on the Sun – Stuart KaminskyBuffy the Vampire Slayer: Blackout – Keith R.A. DeCandidoAll-Star Companion Vol. 2 – Roy Thomas, editorHundred Dollar Baby – Robert B. ParkerThe Shadow: Crime, Insured – Maxwell GrantBoarding the Enterprise – David Gerrold & Robert J. Sawyer, editors

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