Looking Back, Looking Ahead

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I meant to write this yesterday but wound up spending just about the entire day ensconced in the office, working on that darned unannouncable project. Managed to get the first section completed, though, and therefore wound down the year on the positive note.In looking back, 2006 was a far more transitional year than I ever expected. After getting fired a mere six days into the year, I found myself adrift for the first time in my professional career. Several things helped me through the nearly six month stretch starting with the outpouring of comments and support from people throughout my field. They were brave enough to complain on their websites and kind enough to be there for me in private correspondence.One of the supporters, Jeff Rovin, proved to be my lifeline. While Jeff and I have been professional colleagues, traveling in the same circles with scads of mutual friends, we’ve never really spent much time together. And yet, within days of my newfound freedom, he offered me work at Weekly World News which ultimately led to my current job.I’ve come to appreciate my network of friends and contacts across a variety of fields, most of who were more than willing to refer me to people they knew or have me come in to discuss possibilities.While only one led to a job, one was all it took. Additionally, this also led me to be writing a wider variety of material than I’ve written before. My list of credits for 2006 impressed me as I began to tidy up the list for the inevitable tax season. Newspaper articles, web site items, historic comics pieces, Star Trek fiction, essays, and the Predator project among other assignments. I think it’s all made me a better writer and certainly stretched me in good ways.The family weathered the storm and survived intact. Both kids took interesting new steps with Kate off to Cairo and Robbie beginning college. I couldn’t be prouder of the steps they’ve made this year.Deb went back to college, starting grad courses to upgrade her technical skills and to no one’s surprise, got an A in Java. She really enjoyed the experience and begins her next course in a week. I wouldn’t be surprised if we throw her a Master’s Degree party in a few years. She’s also become quite the accomplished knitter, refining her skills and knowledge and crafting intricate and impressive projects that look great on her.It wasn’t a great year in many ways but it was also a year of change and looking into the New Year, it seems to have been a year to lay foundations for the future. It’s one I can honestly say I am looking forward to.May it be the same for you and your friends and family.

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