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A good way to enter the New Year…After lamenting the sad state of book royalties yesterday, my pal Dave Galanter shared with me a fine review of the anthology we share, Star Trek: Constellations, which appeared at Stephen Hunt’s SF Crowsnest.While Eammon Murphy generally likes the book as a whole, he did say the following about my entry:“I really enjoyed ‘The Landing Party’. Set shortly after ‘Where No Man Has Gone Before’ at a time when McCoy and several new crew members have just come aboard, it tells of Sulu’s switch from science to command staff and his first time leading a landing party. Robert Greenberger juxtaposes an emotional Sulu in sickbay telling his story to Yeoman Rand with Spock at his console dispassionately assessing the expedition’s tricorder readings to see what happened. There are some good insights into the old characters here.”

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  1. Overall a nice review. However….From the review:Like the fans, Trek writers enjoy reprising the familiar. In ‘First, Do No Harm’ by Ward and Dilmore, the opening story, Mr. Spock refers to a ‘multi-legged creature’ on someone’s shoulder as he administers a nerve pinch.What Spock really said:“Sir, a fragment of burning ash has landed on your clothing. Let me help you.”

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