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My bags are packed I’m ready to go…Tonight, Deb and I leave for Egypt, anxiously awaiting a two week visit with Kate and a chance to visit an exotic locale. We’ve had this on the horizon for so long that when it finally arrived, we were more than a little surprised. But ready.Robbie declined a chance to join us, despite missing his sister. So, he’s home, watching the dogs until he returns to school. He’s been nothing short of amazing with the amount of help and support he has provided this week.Being the day I leave, things at work got crazier than usual as I ripped up page maps and juggled stories all the way from issue 6 (which goes to press tomorrow) through issue 12. I’ve also worked ahead to make certain that those covering my absence have as little do as possible.The RTM put off discussing my zoning ordinances until February so I don’t miss the debate and I’ve made certain my various editors know what’s going on.I had hoped to have time to prep some posts to cover my absence. Alas, time ran out.Unless circumstances allow me to post from Cairo, I won’t be back with news, observations and commentary until month’s end. Be good until I get back, please.

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  1. Have a fantastic trip to Egypt!!! And make sure to give giant hugs to Kate for me! Travel safe, and have a fantastic time (like there’s a chance you wouldn’t)! 🙂

  2. Have a great trip! I was there last May for 14 days and it was the best trip that I have ever been on! Make sure you go to Luxor, Abu Simbel, Saqquara, Valley of Kings, and of course the pyramids, Spinks, and the Cairo Museum. Do not drink the water and dig the crazy driving skills that go on in Cairo. Give us an update when you get back. J.

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