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Lunacon will be held at the Rye Hilton the weekend of March 16-18 and once again I will be there. My schedule, as of now, looks like this:Saturday1:00 – 2:00 PMBartellTitle: Playing in Someone Else’s SandboxDescription:Learn about the differences in writing work-for-hire books (such as Star Trek or Star Wars) vs. writing creator-owned original novels. How do they differ creatively and financially? What are the pros and cons of each kind of project for a writer’s career?Participants: Keith DeCandido, Bob Greenberger, Susan Shwartz, Richard White2:00 – 3:00:00 PMWestchester AssemblyTitle: Autographing: Roger MacBride Allen, Jess Hartley, Bob Greenberger4:00 – 5:00 PMBartellTitle: A Pirate’s Life for MeDescription: Why are Pirates, Swashbucklers, and Rogues making such a splash in movies these days?Participants: Michael D’Ambrosio, Bob Greenberger, Andrea Kail, Richard White[M]5:00 – 6:00:00 PMBartellTitle: Trek Literary SpinoffsDescription: Writers and editors tell you the process they went through to develop literary spinoff series based on Star Trek, including the Klingon themed Gorkon books, the S.C.E. eBooks, the Titan series, New Frontier, Stargazer and Vanguard.Participants: Keith DeCandido, Bob Greenberger, David Mack[M], Aaron Rosenberg, Josepha Sherman8:00 – 11:00:00 PMGrand BallroomTitle: MasqueradeDescription: Halftime show will be Hollywood previews courtesy of Bob Greenberger.Sunday11:00 – 12:00:00 PMBartellTitle: Print the MythDescription: How does working in the media influence the way writers create SFF? Do you write certain things differently when your “day job” involves creating a different kind of visual reality?Participants: Bob Greenberger, Andrea Kail12:00 – 1:00:00 PMGrand CenterTitle: Is the Grim Reaper Really that Grim?Description: Panelists examine personfications of Death in fiction from Discworld’s Mort to Gaiman’s Death to the works of our own GoH, Christopher Moore.Participants: Phil Brucato, Amy Goldschlager[M], Bob Greenberger, Christopher MooreI like the variety of topics they’ve given me and certainly enjoy the notion of sharing the dais with some good pals. I do hope to see you there. On the other hand, this puts me opposite the Boogie Knights on Sunday, my one chance to see them perform. Hmmm…

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  1. Hey Bob, any word on I-CON? We booked our hotel room for that Saturday but the comics track person has yet to get back to us about guest registration.

  2. I noticed that we’ll be sharing a signing slot at LunaCon this year, so I thought I’d write and say hello! :)It’s my first LunaCon, and I’m very excited to get a chance to meet so many wonderful folks face to face!Looking forward to meeting you,

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