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Done.I hope.Last night should have been the final meeting of my RTM sub committee. As usual, I thought the timing would be shorter than it turned out to be. I figured we’d arrive at 7:30, hold a few quick votes and be out by 7:45, 8 at the latest.First, though, I had to be at my 6:30 Democratic Town Committee District leaders meeting, since, after all, I’m a District Leader. I bolted from that at 7:15 to drive across town to Old Town Hall for the sub committee meeting.Having heard from the public, at length, last Monday, I made this an Executive Session so the public could attend but no public comment would be allowed (so of course, no one turned up). Once we had the quorum of three, there was a spirit of let’s get it done and go home. However, the rules had to be followed so we went through the Agenda and began talking about the three ordinances before us.Fortunately, a fourth member, and the first Republican, turned up so this was the bipartisan team it was supposed to be. And better yet, he had some good, constructive things to add to the wording.We had two of our three votes done when the fifth and final member of the team arrived. So, we backtracked a little, made certain he had time for a say which generated a little discussion and then we took the final vote.There. Three ordinances to enhance and preserve the character of Fairfield were going before the RTM next week. Just when I figured we were finished, the assistant town attorney noted that usually sub committees prepare some sort of overview when their work was complete. Gosh, no one told me about that. Our Town Clerk was anxious to have the final ordinances this morning for this week’s Agenda mailing. That meant, first thing today, I had to craft something.We finished at 8:14 and then it was back to finish the monthly DTC meeting. A rather productive, if tiring, night.I’ll be very curious to see the response to our efforts.

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