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Sometime soon, you’re going to be seeing something you’ve never seen before on this page.Paid advertising.Ever since this page launched, it’s been hosted by my pal Glenn Hauman (along with all the other fine folk on the right side). Hosting and owning the domain name cost money and for a while now, this hasn’t been an issue.Glenn, entrepreneur that he is, has allied himself with Brian Alvey and Mike Gold in the formation of a new comics website ComicMix. The site was announced a week ago with great fanfare bit didn’t really get off the ground until the weekend thanks to some security glitches caused by an advertiser.As Mike explained in his opening statement, the blog news is just the first of a wave of elements that should help ComicMix stand out from other comic book-related websites. The second wave will roll in March, which will feature actually graphic storytelling, new material by familiar names.The websites for Peter David and myself will become affiliate sites to ComicMix and we’ll share some of the advertising which hopefully will not spoil your enjoyment of this page.Glenn has invited me to participate further. So, I’ll post the occasional comics news on the blog and even a column or two. The first such column will be going up any day now, as I try and explain to the casual fan why Joss Whedon leaving the Wonder Woman is no surprise and peeking at Hollywood options work.I’m delighted to be a part of this new business, largely because I’m being reunited, in some way shape or form, with old pals Denny O’Neil and John Ostrander among other contributors. Heck, this week launches the three-times-every-week podcasts, each a 12 – 15 minute nugget of news, reviews, opinion, updates, and general bizarreness. The podcasts are produced by longtime comics retailer Mike Raub, of Cox Broadcasting fame. Mike brings 30 years of radio experience and a half century of fan experience to the booth, and it sounds awesome.Funny thing is Mike used to run the Flamingo Bookstore in Fairfield where I got to know him and his wonderful wife Laurie. And I still hear Mike as a deejay on a local radio station so this is a nice reunion.Blog comments on ComicMix are coming, but if you have any thoughts to share, let me know here.

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  1. Sellout. :)I haven’t told you yet how happy I am that you’re a part of this, and especially that you’ll be helping contribute some news items – days like this I get so swamped with day-job stuff that I just can’t devote as much time to that as I’d like.

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