My Life: Check

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Last week back I hit one of those periods where it felt every single one of my commitments and affiliations was demanding something from me. I ended the week tired and seriously thinking about not attend the NY Comic-Con, which alarmed Deb. I recognize that life does this sometimes, a convergence of things coming together all at once. Philosophically, it seems that the busier you are, the fuller your life is, this will tend to happen. I have to admit, it’s been a while since it felt so crushing and it caught me a little unprepared.Amazing what happens with a little time. I’m still very busy, but bit by bit, all my tasks are getting done. And I am happy that I find myself saying yes to even more stuff.As you know, the RTM meet last week so now I know what needs doing. I also managed to do some lobbying on behalf of the Cable Advisory Council. So, government obligations: check.Worked out a new ending to the ST:TNG eBook and just need to write that up, probably next weekend. Agreed to write a story for an Avenger anthology and have been researching for ideas. Just got invited by Moonstone to write for their Captain Midnight anthology, so that’s new and cool and different. Also, am finally getting some initial feedback from my editor on the big unnamed project even as I forge ahead with more than 40% first-drafted. Freelance career: check.Worked hard this week on some transitional issues in addition to some extra writing for Weekly World News and tomorrow I begin a two day class on InDesign, so I’m really looking forward to that. Professional career: check.Chatted with Kate at length yesterday and spent a good chunk of time just doing stuff with Deb. Made some plans for other family stuff and will make a round of family calls today. Me: check.All in all, I’m feeling busy as ever but calmer about it so that’s good.

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