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Well, that was fun.Lunacon celebrated their 50th anniversary in style, with a return to the Rye Hilton and a schedule chock full of stuff for people.After chipping the ice off the car and driveway, Deb and I headed up yesterday. Some years, I’m there with an agenda – this year my goals were simple, do my panels and socialize with pals in the Green Room.We got there, got badges and got settled in time for the first of my two Star Trek panels. Both went very well, thank you. In fact, during the second one, later in the day, one attendee suggested we turn these talks into a podcast or take the show on the road because we seem to be amusing.I did an autographing hour which, as has happened in years past, resulted in signing absolutely nothing, but I got to chat with friends.My other Saturday panel was on the topic of Pirates. I shared the table with people I had not met and the room was Standing Room Only. It was a lively discussion and a lot of fun.A pile of us then headed into Port Chester for a barbecue dinner at, where else?, Q’s. The food was amazing and filling and the discussion entertaining.While Deb hung out in the bar with friends, I attended the Masquerade and showed my movie trailers as the Half Time show. With the audience filled with friends, there was a lot of good-natured cat-calling especially at the more ludicrous movies.Sunday, we chipped Deb’s car out of the ice, and then I headed up for two more panels. The first, Print the Myth, could have been an interesting discussion. My fellow panelist Andrea Kail and I got to know each other a bit at the Pirate panel, and were ready to tackle the topic. Instead, we had all of one attendee and the three of us instead talked informally about religions and politics and in its own way, was rather stimulating.Immediately following, I was part of a panel that discussed the personification of death as the Grim Reaper. As a result, I got to meet the con’s Guest of Honor, Christopher Moore, and along with moderator Amy Goldschlager and Phil Brucato, had a rather interesting conversation.After a little more socializing it was back to home and other stuff. All in all, good panels, good food, and a good time to catch up with old friends and make some new ones. And now attention turns to I-Con, next weekend. No wonder I feel tired.

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  1. It was lovely meeting you at LunaCon this weekend. Thanks for being company while we both (didn’t) sign autographs. 🙂

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