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The past week has had me thinking a lot about community and the differing communities we all belong to.Of course, there’s the community of blood – family. Many people take comfort here and nowhere else. If it works, great.Others, myself included, actually seem to have several overlapping circles of friends or “adopted “families.” When David died last week, the community pulled together and Alexandria was never alone. There were those there to make sure she ate and rested. Others took care of arrangements and the usual details. Friends flew in from the other coast and the funeral, I’m told, was wonderful. A packed house to honor a fine man. We were all given pause to marvel at this community of ours and be thankful we have each other. When it counts, we’re there for one another. That’s pretty terrific.Another circle I’m in is a political one. On Sunday, that community gathered to honor two of its own. This was the excuse for a Democratic fundraiser and being an local election year, the push was on to get attendance. Fortunately, the recipient of the Eunice Postol Community Service Award was someone beloved by all, even from the other side of the aisle. Mary Tinti moved from Fairfield over the last year and had to give up her work with the DTC and the RTM, but her years of service demanded recognition. The other award was the Young Turk, given to someone regardless of age, for being a rising star within the party. This year it went to Tom Drew, our state representative from the 132nd district. Tom has also been active in town politics before moving up to the state level is one of the most honest and hard-working politicians you will find in America.I attended the brunch even on Sunday and was pleased to see so many people active either in the DTC or town government. We all too rarely get together when there is no agenda or requirement under the FOI rules. It was socialable, the food was pretty good, and the speeches to the point and poignant.And at work, despite a corporate decision not to do things as a whole company, I was pleased to see our own sort of community pull together. If our production and pre-press teams had not stepped up to aid us, last week’s issue would have missed its press time. We just met with them to do a quick post-mortem and figure out how to smooth systems. They came with ideas, not accusations, and we had a good give-and-take session.Every so often, it’s good to pause and realize how lucky we have it; that we have people we can count on when necessary.

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