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The nor’easter came through the Northeast yesterday and we were prepared. Saturday we saw to it we had done everything out of the house that needed doing so Sunday we could hunker down and stay dry.With heavy rains, two different corners of the basement tend to get damp. All day long we watched carefully, the shop vac at the ready. When the water started seeping into my office, we started soaking it up. As the day progressed, we were vacuuming my office every 30-45 minutes until we went to bed.In between loads of laundry and writing, I was feeling pretty poorly. In fact, it got worse with every hour until around 3 I called it a day. I read for a bit, watched plenty of TV but by 8:30 I was done. It’s some sort of stomach bug but unlike any I’ve had before which meant I had a rather sleepless night. I’m home today, which would be swell if I felt better and could really take advantage of the day.Upon awakening, I dreaded seeing what the basement looked like because the rains were really coming down hard in the dark hours. To my surprise and relief, the office was damp but not too bad and the other corner was dry.Speaking of the writing, I did manage to polish off a proposal for a Captain Midnight story and sent it off to Moonstone as well as made further progress on the Project that Still can’t be Named. On that, I have well over 30% of the material written but nearly 60% of my word count so there will definitely be adjustments coming.

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  1. Hope you feel better soon, Bob. This weather is really starting to freak me out – this time of year, April should be all nice and warm and stuff; instead, I’m wondering if I should chop some more firewood …(and I don’t even own a fireplace!)

  2. Get well soon! You got off easy on the water – our house we’re trying to sell (and has never flooded) got at least a half inch of water in the basement, which is carpeted. We have a full-sized river running down the side yard three inches deep which has been flowing for more than 2 days. Our neighbors got 5 inches of water, and many houses on the street had to call for the fire department to pump them out. The odd part is we don’t live in a low-lying area or near any water at all. And just to make our day, we woke up to find something had attacked our computer and it took the better part of the day to recover it. I think it’s just one of those low dips in the Biorhythm for everyone.

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