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It’s called a norovirus, it’s new and it’s going around. Not only do I have it, but so does Maddie Blaustein, a mere two cubicles down from me so they’re right when saying it’s very contagious. My doctor said it would linger upwards of ten days and so far there’s nothing to prove her wrong. It’s been clear liquids and pretzels for a few days now. Last night the chicken soup stayed with me and the general discomfort is slowly, very slowly, fading. I did make it to work yesterday and today, but it’s been sluggish and I have to be careful with the work. My lousy typing has been even worse.Having said, that, yesterday brought the kind of news freelance writers love.First, Chris Mills, my Captain Midnight editor gave me the thumbs up on my story so I’m cleared to write that.Then, Moonstone Books’ Richard Dean Starr invited me to join his Zorro anthology. I’ll be in very good company there with old pals Peter David and Max Allan Collins already signed up.Over at BenBella Books, my kindly editor Leah Wilson got in touch, inviting me to write an essay for their 2008 Batman collection. I like writing these essays and I think I know a thing or two about the Caped Crusader.Finally, for something completely different, I was asked to copyedit a graphic novel for Grand Central Books.No single of the above projects will make me rich or put me on a bestseller list, but I’m using different writing and thinking muscles and the variety is very appealing.

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  1. Glad you’re feeling better – or will be, anyway – there are worse things than a diet of water and pretzels (although I can think of something better – a diet of beer and ice cream!)

  2. Maddie Blaustein wouldn’t by any chance be the former Addie Blaustein, would she? If so, please tell her I said hi and I hope she feels better soon (same to you, by the way)…

  3. Been there, got that too. I never got anything, short of the Asian flu, that hit me that hard , that fast and took forever getting over it… I have a sneaking suspicion it was a virus released on the populous with the intent of bolstering Campbell’s chicken noodle soup sales. Damn the Taliban!!!

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