A Quiet Time

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I know, it feels like forever since I last posted.Largely, there hasn’t been much to comment or report on. Life has been relatively stable and quiet, while remaining productive.Been catching up on television and we find ourselves enjoying The Tudors, largely through the time it takes to explore the characters and setting. John Rhys-Meyers is wonderful as King Henry. Deb is a major anglophile, especially during this period, and she is enthralled. Heroes is back and remains a Must See Now show as we rocket towards the first season conclusion. I have to say, the glimpse five years from now is very much “Days of Future Past” and very nicely done.I’ve also had a chance to look at the finished, edited manuscript to Predator: Flesh & Blood, coming soon from DH Books. I’m pleased to say I recognize large chunks of the book so I clearly didn’t make my coauthor, Mike Friedman, do massive rewrites. Yes, there are bits of business I liked that got changed but that’s what collaboration is all about.I’ve also been hard at work on my unnamed project and have a nice head of steam built up and hope to plow through the last half and come close to the deadline. With luck, we can speak about this soon.Yesterday, Deb and I enjoyed a free day together. She began a new job today so it was going to be our last chance to hang out for a while, certainly before the kids come home from school. It was a day where we did stuff together, the most noteworthy part was test-driving the Toyota Camry hybrid, which was pretty impressive. It was a day at a relaxed pace and something we both needed before things revved back up.

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